Adirim security and maintenance (1993) ltd

 We specializes in custom security, utilize a special software for monitoring and operate under personal responsibility and involvement of company management.

We specialize in security on all levels

Adirim security and maintenance (1993) ltd specializes in security on all levels starting with factories, industrial areas, infrastructure sites, shopping centers, office buildings etc., the operation of motorized security and the  security of persons under threat . The company holds the ISO 2008 standard and a permit for gun storage. 

Lili pilargo specializes in providing diverse cleaning services to a verity of institutions, factories, schools, office buildings etc. Lili pilargo was established in 2001 operates under a license from the ministry of commerce and is a member of the Israel cleaning companys' organization. The company is backed by full liability insurance.Lili pilargo delivers a customized service to fit each organization while meeting deadlines and providing a professional service by Israeli workers using the most advanced cleaning equipment and high level cleaning materials which hold the validation of the Israeli standard institution.

Security services

Adirim ltd provides a comprehensive security basket which includes the overall security components a client requires.

Armed and unarmed security guards at various security levels. Level 1 security guards, security checking, security guards at educational institutions, personal bodyguards and specialized body guards who received relevant training from the Israeli police- for people under threat. All security guards must hold the relevant competence and qualification certifications in accordance with the Israeli law.


Unarmed guards for work performed at projects and buildings where there is no permit or no need for an armed guard or other form of specialized security.

The guards are posted in residential areas, office buildings, infrastructures and high tech companies. The guards employed at Adirim ltd own a license given by the Ministry of Justice

Security people under threat

Adirim ltd Specializes in safeguarding public figures or others in need of tailor made security services. The process of safeguarding a person under threat is a sensitive one which is meant to keep the person under guard safe and away from harm while trying to avoid obstructing the daily life and routines of this person and his family.

When safeguarding a person under threat we post personal body guards who have specifically been trained in a specialized level including a routine refresh and authorized training delivered by the relevant unit of the Israeli police. 

The threatened persona receives a fully comprehensive security basket according to the level of threat defined for him by the Israeli Police, which includes: a 24/7 personal body guard, sentinel guard at home or at the office, a panic button wired to the police dispatch and electronical/other digital measures per need. 

Placing head of security officers/authorized by the police and the ministry of defense head of security officers/high level officials in security and safeguarding positions

Adirim ltd provides head of security officer/security consultant services to organizations, companies, factories, public institutions, shopping malls etc. All high level security personnel at Adirim ltd undergo a scrutinized screening which includes position compatibility tests.

Motorized security

Proper motorized security combined with advanced technology tools is responsible for 98% of the successful prevention of breaking and entry, theft and vandalism at our customer's various sites.

*Data from 2014 until the present

Motorized security/Patrol guards/securing large areas and dispatch patrol guards are all part of our area of expertise. We operate patrol vehicles in urban and infrastructure areas across the country and provide in addition motorized security in open areas and in difficult infrastructure and urban areas.


Each patrol guard undergoes a background check and is strictly reviewed and selectively screened before they are accepted to work at Adirim ltd. All the patrol teams are monitored hourly via the dispatcher system and the patrol routes are documented and remain available for a few months ahead for purposes of investigation and the review and learning from the character and quality of overall motorized security.

Prevention of loss

Adirim supplies the full array required to prevent loss, from the profiling process to carrying out actual security in the filed in order to prevent any kind of loss.  Each client receives an accurate profile of the means and methods to prevent loss in his field or business.


Dispatch services: full control at a click of a button!!

Adirim maintains a fully operational dispatch which constitutes the technological avant-garde in civilian security in Israel and abroad.

The dispatch is a fully comprehensive unit, monitoring and controlling everything that is happening within the scope of the services provided by Adirim ltd and the operational security dispatch under Adirim ltd.


Each and every client, following the profiling of the services he requires, receives a link to full management and control at the click of a button using a smartphone/tablet in order to get the whole picture of what is being done at his place of business in real time.


As opposed to other dispatches, the client can actually open on his own at any given moment a full dispatch point with no need for any special or highly expensive means.


It is important to mention that as part of the security basket the most advanced technological means in the market are provided for our business clients (organizations, public companies and more)

we specialize in the installation of cameras and other advanced measures at construction and infrastructure sites/ factories/shopping malls etc, in full adherence to a customer's unique need. By doing so and by planning ahead we are able to help cut down expenses and save our clients a great deal of money.

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